41.303501, -113.863831 / 05.02.15, 06.16.15

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41.303501, -113.863831 / 05.02.15, 06.16.15

From the Halophyte Collective

41.303501, -113.863831 / 05.02.15, 06.16.15 (aka, Sun Tunnels) is a collaboration with 11 artists and Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels—a land art work in the Utah desert featuring 4 concrete tubes, the weather, the horizon, the landscape, and the perforated constellations Draco, Perseus, Columba, and Capricorn.

In 2015, eleven artists and writers visited the site on two specific dates. The resulting collaboration is a 7” x 7” documentation in spiral bound form of these site experiences. The book examines environment and time, presence and absence, and connection vs. association. Each page tells the story of the artist-writer’s experience, but the book as a whole claims a story about the process of documentation itself and relationship of art and chaos theory or the butterfly effect. What happens when an artist places four tunnels carefully in the middle of the desert? What will happen? Who is affected? What is affected? This text presents the evidence of the artists’ inquiry for just two days, only several hours, of this work’s 40 year history.