Halophyte: Issue 3

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Halophyte: Issue 3

The fourth installment of the Halophyte magazine. For Issue 3 of the H​alophyte​ zine, our Collective put out a call for artists, writers, dancers, musicians, and other creative people interested in participating in an experimental project on “Collaboration.” We see collaboration as a way to share resources, to make something together that we couldn’t make separately, to question identity and authorship, to discuss things we have in common and things that set us apart. We wanted our experiment to push participants to find new ways to communicate and generate work.

What resulted was a document made of generosity, friction, commonalities, differences, correspondence, dissonance, and collaboration.

Managing Editors: Mary Toscano and Jace Brittain

Brinley Froelich & Emiline Twitchell
Molly Barnewitz & Joshua Graham
Phillip Watts Brown & Brenda Sieczkowski
Tzvi Izaksonas & Addie Ryder
Erika Cespedes & Emily Lowder
Matt Daly & Zach Dansie
Remi Germaine & Ron Linn
Chelsey Blackman-Bray & Ysa Pitman
Bonnie Cooper & Matthew Stevens
Anna Hansen & Lindsey Webb
Jenny Dowd & Alyssa Quinn
Ceyda Oskay & Amber Heaton
Naomi Clegg & David Lenz
Micah Bauer & Lisa Bickmore
Jane Christensen & Kate Robinson
Jamie Gadette & Prajit Ravindran
Marnie Powers-Torrey & Sarah Morton Taggart
Alexandra Parvaz & –––– –––––––
Alex Ertaud & Kendra Vicken
Michael Isidro Coyote Montoya & Nora Price
Megan Hoefflin & Paula Mendoza
Jamie Kyle & Justin Watson
Roni Gross & Angela Toscano
Gisele Olson & Ryan Perkins
courtney marie & Patrick J Ramsay