Halophyte: Issue 1

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Halophyte: Issue 1

From the Halophyte Collective

The second installment of the Halophyte magazine. Issue 1 takes its cue for walking from the French expression for 'faire une promenade'—a term that suggests not just going, but also doing, or making a walk.

The contributors used the many synonyms for walk—wander, stroll, saunter, roam, ramble, amble, meander, plod, trudge, dawdle, hike, tramp, tromp, stomp, slog, trek, march, glide, stride, sashay, troop, traipse, tread, patrol, prowl, promenade—as possible prompts.

Walks were made. Then maps. These maps show us how a map can be made of many things—line, shapes, images, words, photographs—and how a map can be many things—a poem, an essay, a story, a list, a graph, a chart, a collection.

Guest editors: Michelle Macfarlane and Emily Dyer Barker

Contributors: Jacqueline Balderama, Tiana Birrell, Annie K. Blake, Phillip Watts Brown, Kristi Burton, Trent Call, [Circinae], Michael Colson, Michelle Donahue, Chris Dunsmore, Sarah Dyer, Dale Enggass, Ceridwen Hall, Shena McAuliffe, Michael Mejia, Rachel Haynes Miller, Sarah Morton Taggart, Angie Ouellette, Ryan Perkins, Philip Schaefer, Andrew Shaw, Alyssa Sorenson, Claire Taylor, and Simon Zivny