Broadsheet 08 Joshua Jean-Baptiste

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Broadsheet 08 Joshua Jean-Baptiste

Broadsheet is a single sheet of newspaper-sized paper featuring an individual artist, who is given freedom to determine the topic and contents of the page and support to make it a reality. It is intended to sit in the space between zine-making, artwork, and exhibition space. Broadsheet is curated and designed by Andrew Rease Shaw and produced under the Torpor House imprint.

Haitian-American writer/director Joshua Jean-Baptiste creates narratives that probe deep into culture and identity, often drawing from his own personal experiences to explore the nuances of ideological attachments. His directorial journey began with experimental theater at the Miami Theater Center and Micro Theater Miami, establishing a strong foundation upon which his storytelling craft would continue to grow. Joshua starred and co-wrote the series 'Grown' (2018), later co-penning the feature film ‘Ludi’ (2021) which captivated audiences at SXSW and the Miami Film Festival and many others. A 2023 alumnus of the Oolite Arts Home and Away Residency, he is actively developing an array of diverse short films and his inaugural feature-length piece. Outside of directing, Joshua coaches aspiring storytellers and produces “Folktales and Fire,” an event series he conceived, fostering collaborations with brands and non-profits. Unwavering and intrepid, his commitment echoes through his endeavors to nurture cultural understanding, amplify underrepresented voices, and forge ahead in contributing to the Black Speculative Arts.

Joshua Jean-Baptiste on Vimeo

Folded size: 350mm x 250mm. Published 2024.