$15.00 USD

Grayscale is a spectrum from black to white representing the intensity of light in an image. It inspires nostalgia for early film and photographic techniques. It both emphasizes and rejects notions of binary systems: black and white, quiet and loud, good and bad, up and down, young and old, here or there. Grayscale eschews the vividness of bright colors, the coolness of blue, the heat of yellow, the earthiness of brown, the liveliness of green, and instead draws focus to the basis of light and shadow.

Although grayscale is a concept based in the visual world, artists working in all media were encouraged to submit work. All ideas and experiences were welcome — serious, humorous, personal, communal, collaborative, sarcastic, confessional, and experimental.

Adam Bateman
Jace Brittain
Tavaris Brooks
William Culpepper
Lisa Bella Dae
Kristin Everson
Grant Fuhst
Drew Green
Sarah Groebs
Jamie Kyle
Michelle Macfarlane
Michael Mack
Laurie Mansur
Caro Nilsson
Brendan Oleary
Angie Ouellette
Kristin Porter
Nora Price
Andrew Rice
Victoria Smits
Sarah Morton Taggart
Jeremy Voros
Danielle Waters
David Winward
Adam Wynn
Anya Zeitlin

Andrew Rease Shaw, Editor and Designer

Published 2021